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The World of Black Art

I am interviewed in this classic video presentation about the Business of Black Art, art created by African American artists. It was my 18th year as art enterpenuer. I was exhibiting in Atlanta, GA. This year is my 34th year as CEO of Kathleen A. Wilson & Associates in Los Angeles. Varnette Honeywood was still among us as I cherish the memory and art of her. She was my role model and shero. My favorite image is "Dixie Peach", Oh! How I remember those days of turn and get burned! Mr. Charles Bibbs also gives us some great insight into the arts and his contemporary business views. It features African American art history at its best by also paying homage to some of our finest creative geniuses. It's great to look back to see where we have come from, then turn with history and lessons learned, moving forward. It's "Sankofa's" way. The mystical bird who looks back over it's tail feathers, revered in west African cultures. Enjoy!

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