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Meet Kathleen A. Wilson

"Art of the Spirit" records my life journey, a dance with God and Art.  Creating art, whether painting, drawing, drafting, sculpting, print making or designing graphics, is my way of touching that spiritual place within my soul where tangible beauty exists.  I am prompted by the Great Creative Spirit within me, who provides the spark.  Each step is  in search of that which already exists.  It waits to be revealed.  It is hidden within. 

I often look back in wonder at the wonderous works of my hands.  I have captured a trustworthy family, a brilliant community, secrets of nature, sacred moments, wild abstracts of pure mood, stillness and gracefulness.  Ultimately, I love to hear the silent whispers that speak back to me in a loud voice saying,"well done."

Phillipians 4:8-10

Our Story

Kathleen A. Wilson was an established business in 1984. We have published and distributed limited edition prints and originals worldwide.  In the same year, our premiere exhibition was the African American Cultural Village and The Atkins House, Los Angeles, CA. I won a juried ribbon at the  Westwood Art's & Crafts Street Fair in the  beginning!  We then exhibited at the Beverly Hills Affaire in the Garden, winning another ribbon!  Next we exhibited at the New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles ArtExpos.  Decor Trade shows,  Atlanta, Los Angeles.  The impressive Hillcrest Arts Festival in Hacienda Heights, CA.  The National Black Arts Festival,  Artist Showcase., Atlanta.  Artist Salute to Black History Month, Los Angeles, was a homebase exhibit for many seasons.  A national network of art galleries have given me the opportunity to exhibit in various regions across the country.


"The  greatest of these is love..."  I'm happiest when I've made my way into the flow of creativity.  I get there with all sences open , engaging the vast storehouse of my remembered past and intuitive knowing.   I remember everything I have been taught, everything I have seen, everyone who has made an impression on my mind.  These are the experiences, the people, the dreams, fueling my imagination  which drives "Art of the Spirit.  Following are a few folks who have influenced me profoundly:  Richard  L. Atkins, Jean Palmer, Bernice Kersey, Dora Roderick, Edna Kersey, Art Skinner, Ruth Langford, Tibor Janki, Charles White, Ernest Wilson, Vincent VanGogh, Nathaniel Bustion, Gustave Dore, Artis Lane, Cecelia Williams Bryant, Frank Lloyd Wright, Coretta Scott Scott King, Alice Patrick, Ms. Barbara Wesson my sons Evan and Everett and Nathaniel Bustion  I'm grateful for each one who has touched me in thought, word or deed.

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Pepperdine College (now University), Fine Art Major, Los Angeles, CA, Otis Art Institute, Life Drawing and Painting, Los Angeles, CA, Interior Designers Guild,  Associate Arts Degree, Beverly Hills, CA, Trans Pac Construction Engineers,  Architectural Design Apprentice / Professional Drafting Designer, Los Angeles, CA,  California State Licensed General Contractor B1 (temporarily inactive) ,Teale Street Sculpture Studio, Culver City, CA, continuing professional workshops. 

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