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We have gathered a beautiful gallery of Kathleen A. Wilson's works, then catagorized them based on the story she tells of life.  Since the creation of the world, her art echoes the earth with it's majestic landscapes, awe inspiring skies, ancient rivers, abundant wildlife, expressive trees, mountains and rainbows.  Then the family of man walked the earth with their God to live a beautiful life in his honor.  This spiritual concept ignighted Kathleen's imagination, led by the great Spirit within to create a world free of illness, a world longed for , a world remembered since the beginning of time.  These history telling  figurative forms are the beginning of her understanding of the world as it should be.


Kathleen A. Wilson & Associates was founded in 1984.  That  was the year of the 23rd  Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.  Kathleen's brilliant father Mr. Richard  L. Atkins founded the African American Cultural Village  in which we exhibited our first four lithographic prints as self- publisher and distributor. "Coming Together Again" was our theme. The title of the first four prints are, "The Keeper", "The African American Cultural Village Poster", "Three Musicians", "Four Women Waiting".    The first trade advertisement was in DECOR Magazine, 1984.  Mr. Charles Dorsey, Art Representative, presented our portfolio to galleries nationwide. This site is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Richard Lee Atkins 1926-2011.

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